Benefits of Desi Cow MILK –

Milk is harmful for health if it is from jersey cow.

If milk comes from our desi cow then it is very good for health.

As in our desi cow or indian cow there is a hump on her back ( identification of desi cow not found in jersey cow)

Desi cow has surya ketu nadi on her back which utilizes the sunlight and increases the purity of the milk and makes it healthy.

If milk comes from jersey cow then it is very impure and unhealthy which we all consume.

Ayurveda says “The root cause of all disease is imbalance of vaat, pitta and cough.Milk has all the three things in imbalanced state.

When fresh milk from desi cow is unboiled then it is healthy but when boiled,it looses most of the calcium , minerals, vitamins due to high temperature.So raw fresh milk is good for health but boiled milk is bad.

Lastly if God wanted us to have milk till the time we live, he wouldn’t have stopped our breast feeding after a certain time. Mother fed us milk only for 2 years and once we get our teeth,it is stopped.This natural process also suggests that we don’t need milk after that period in our life.

In the whole world not even a single animal drink the milk of other mothers except humans.We drink goat milk,camel milk,buffalo milk etc.


Avoid drinking Branded milk and other such synthetic milk rather go for natural coconut milk, almond milk, peanut milk which can be easily prepared at home and are very healthy and alkaline based milk.It is free from contamination and provides adequate vital energy therby maintaining optimum calcium and protien levels in our body to keep us fit and fine.

Thanks and regards
Dr. Sanya
Naturopathy Expert

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