First time in the WORLD inroducing “Family Farmer” concept.

First time in the WORLD inroducing Grocery in office. a startup with a vision to increase the farmers income and decrease your kitchen expenses upto 10-15%.

People have “Family Doctor” but not the “Family Farmer” so we are here for you as a “Family Farmer”.

Brands and eCommerce player call you Customers and Users but you are not a Customer and User for us ( ).You are a Family for us ( ).

“Kisan hi sab kuch ugata hai lekin bicholiyo ki bajah se mehnga ho jata hai”

“Brand pe mat jao apni aakal bhidao, JAGO !


When we need surgery and Medicine, we love to go in BRANDED Hospitals.When we need property, we love to search Property dealer on google.When we want to file a case, we love to search a lawyer on google.When we need protection, we’ll dial 100.


When we need food, we love to search nearest Mall on google instead of FARMERS.Malls doesn’t manufacture FOOD but FARMERS can grow the same in their FARMS, every 1 knows the same but no one has the TIME to search a FARMER, please go out and search a FARMER in your nearest city.If you can’t do the same, we are here for you to take care of your all kitchen needs.


There are 5 -6 middlemans between farmers and you, middlemans are making Billions from farmers crop, farmers are in poverty in every country because of these middlemans.Indian farmers can come out of debt, if the middlemen will be eliminate.
Farmers are the sole of INDIA and you know very well what’s happening with the FARMERS in INDIA. According to me Indian Farmers are very rich but they don’t know their value.Why , because they are innocent, lack of education and they don’t know how to sell a product, if they will start marketing and selling then who will do farming,only brokers are making money from their crop.

Just think for a while if FARMERS stop farming for 6 months then what will happen ?

There are n number of middlemans who are making money from Farmers crop, as you know 1 % INDIANS are holding indias 58 % wealth, India need 1oo platform like this in every state, every guy want to become engineer and doctor, i am little scared who will do farming after 10 – 15 year when our parents will be in old age, may be middlemans, contract farming is on the way, soon small FARMERS will be work as a labor in their own FARMS.

You have a plan for your project.
You have a plan for your vacation.
You have a plan for Valentine Day.
You have a plan for Movie.
You have plan for Outing.
But why you need grocery in 90 min, why are you wasting extra Rs 20, 224 million people are in poverty in INDIA,
you can donate Rs 20.If you are 10 million in count just calculate the amount, you can make a huge difference, your little effort can change someone life.Middlemans are finding new ways to robbing you, you are so lazy because of these middlemans. is coming to your office to deliver the Grocery, you can pick your grocery when you leave your office in eveing, if you fell product is good you can take otherwise you can return the same but we strongly believe you won’t do the same beacuse we have all quality products.

SAVE Petrol, Nature, Time and Money.

We have 3 basket
Kisanmade Monthly Basket ( Pulses, Spices, Dry Fruits )
Kisanmade Weekly Basket ( Vegetables & fruits )
Kisanmade Morning Basket ( Milk & other breakfast items )

Kisanmade Monthly Basket is available in Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Gurgaon but all baskets are available in Moradabad, Ghaziabad, Noida.

Family Farmer

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